Friday, 12 December 2008

Introducing the Leopard People...

Open your mind and rediscover the real Lugbara World ...modern, flamboyant, mysterious and truly African.

The Lugbara are the largest ethnic group in West Nile. They came from Rajaf in Juba Region or Baar in Bari Sudan and inhabited the District of Arua in Uganda occupying the counties of Ayivu, Vurra, Maracha, Terego and Aringa. The Lugbara also inhabited the District of Aru in Zaire (presently Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC]) covering counties of Nyio, Ochoo, Luu, Zaki and Adranga. In Nebbi District, there are Lugbara settlements in Kango Division of Okoro County. In some areas, they live side by side with the Alur and Kebu (Ndu-Alube)

The Lugbara language belongs to the Moru-Madi group of the Eastern Sudanic languages. It has several dialectical variations such as the Andrale'ba / Terego,Aringa and Madi-vi (Okolo). The protestant Bible was at first written in the dialect of Vurra at Ovisoni. However today, the dialect of Pajulu around Arua Town is considered as the standard Lugbara for all purposes. It is in harmony with the dialect for general use in Aru District.