Saturday, 14 November 2009

Mvara S.S. (Arua) Lyrics

Lyrics for these songs were created by the talented REGINA DRICIRU.

"Stop Child Sacrifice in Africa" is a Cry by the Mvara S.S. Music Class calling on all evil people to end their practice of Human Sacrifice. On Sunday 11th October 2009, a six month old Maracha baby was kidnapped (from Christ the King Church, Arua) by Lucky A. The baby's eight year old caretaker had been duped by the 23 year old Alur. The reason for his kidnap was not clear but most probably thought he had been sacrificed and many people gathered near a haunted point on River Enyau only for a big heinous looking snake to come out after some self confessed prophetess claimed that she could show where the kid was. Some doubted her after the hoax. However, when Lucky was caught in Nebbi less than two weeks later trying to bury a corpse that happened to be the kidnapped baby, it was discovered that she had wanted to make peace by showing this baby to her former lover whose baby she had earlier aborted in order to move out with another man. Everything did not work out the way she planned, and even when she escaped after her first arrest, she was recaught. The only time she got lucky, like her first name suggests, was when Arua dwellers tried to stone the car transporting her to court. Police sprayed tear gas to disperse rioters though one stone thrower near the Red Cross Roundabout managed to break a windscreen on the Patrol Van whisking her away. She had ignorantly fed this baby with juice and maybe caused its death unintentionally but killing her first baby wasn't the way to get what she wanted. Am not a lawyer but I feel abortion should be categorised in the same groups as witchcraft, murder or child sacrifice. This song by Mvara S.S. was produced a number of months before the Lucky A. saga but it speaks a lot to all those with similar intentions. It's GOD who takes care of kids so if you conceive one, never let the thought cross your mind that you won't be able to care for them. Even if you die, GOD forbid, they can live on.

Watch out X2
You, who slaughter children for wealth
You, whose hands are dripping with children's blood.
The long arm of the law will soon catch up with you
Soon, your evil deeds will follow you to your grave
Enough is enough, listen!

Eya, children crying in Africa
Mama weh, children crying in Africa [BABY CRYING:]
Children crying in Africa
Eya, orphans crying in Africa
Mama weh, orphans crying in Africa [BABY CRYING:]
Orphans crying in Africa
Eya, mothers weeping in Africa
Walele, mothers weeping in Africa [WOMAN WAILING:]
Mothers weeping in Africa
Eya, kidnapping in Africa
Mama weh, kidnapping in Africa,
Kidnapping in Africa
(Eya, child sacrifice in Africa X2)
Mama weh, child sacrifice in Africa,
Child sacrifice in Africa-aaa.

Why, why do you kidnap these innocent children? X2
Why, why do you sacrifice these innocent children? X2
Oh no X2 (the Quest for wealth)
Oh why, (for political support)
Oh why, oh why, (to get social status)
Oh why (to appease business gods)

[INSTRUMENTAL: (Jomic Productions)]

Political leaders, stop child sacrifice in Africa! X2
Religious leaders, stop child sacrifice in Africa! X2
Witchdoctors, stop child sacrifice in Africa! X2
Everybody, stop child sacrifice in Africa! X2
We pray to YHWH to stop child sacrifice in Africa. X2 aaa

[INSTRUMENTAL till fade:]

"6th of June" by MVARA SECONDARY SCHOOL is a fantastically upbeat reunion song to groove to even if you have never studied in this classy Arua school. Their motto says, "Be Sensible and Responsible" en there is a lot of sense in this song.

This is a day of reunion with the Old Students of Mvara S.S
Old Students oyeh, (oyeh eh)
OGs oyeh, (oyeh eh)
OBs oyeh, (oyeh eh)
Ayeeeee, yeeeee

6th of June, 2009. Is a day of, reunion. X2
With the Old Students, of Mvara. X4

Mvara Old Students, you're most welcome!
Mvara Old Students, you're welcome home! X2
We look forward to reawakening, the academic excellency of Mvara. X2


We thank the Chairperson of MOSA,
And the Old Students for this great day. X2
We welcome all the, Good Ideas
We are ready to, Share with you. X2


Mvara Students are sensible,
Mvara Students are responsible X2
Mvara Teachers are hardworking,
Mvara Teachers are devoted. X2


The third collection of lyrics in this Mvara S.S. Bouquet is a song complimenting the Headmaster Iziyo Tata Aggrey's achievements. It's so reverently melodic en simple that you may want to copy the great headteacher.

This is a special dedication to the Headmaster, the staff en the students of Mvara S.S.
Long live the headmaster Iziyo Tata Aggrey [CLAPPING en ULULATING:]

The Headmaster of Mvara is a man in a thousand years.
If you think am lying, copy Mvara en get the shock of your life

They brought a brand new bus, an impossible one
You can't measure to his standard
If you think am lying, copy Mvara en get the shock of your life


We give glory en honour to Almighty GOD, yes
HE's the brain behind all this success
Glory en honour to YOU!


We thank the teachers, board of governors, parents en students
For initiating such a brilliant idea
Glory en honour to GOD!


Your ability to purchase a bus is praiseworthy
We are proud of you, our HM, Iziyo Tata Aggrey


It's always wise to copy something good from a neighbour
You can copy from him, the HM Mvara: Iziyo Tata Aggrey


Many headteachers have done well but you excel them all
you're the one to start en others follow.
Dream of an aeroplane now!

Dream of an aeroplane now! X2

[INSTRUMENTAL till fade:]